1. bybyeblackbird:

    'LOL bitch what do u think this is a petting zoo gtf off my bae' - jerry

  2. sakurafavjd:

♪( ´ー`)⊃⊂(´ー` )♪


    ♪( ´ー`)⊃⊂(´ー` )♪

  3. "Don’t fuck with me!"
    "…I thought I already did?"

  4. "Do you have any doubts about its authenticity?"
    "None whatever."
    "You’re sure?"

  5. i m in LA now on my vacation, and suddenly i see this video of JD and

    i m russian so probably my english is not as cool as it need to be or… johnny said smth really unexpected and unexplainable?) was our baby drunk btw or?… ps. ohh how i love him, he is so cool

  6. becauseitsjohnnydepp:

     I have…there’s so many lyrics to choose from, when you think about the person that I’m about to bring up to the stage for a, certainly a well-deserved salute. But to go through all those lyrics is hard, so here’s what I chose: ‘I’m bored. I’m the chairman of the board. I’m a lengthy monologue, I’m like a dog, I’m bored.’ I mean if you could … fuck it, if you wrote that, you’d just be done, right? I’d close the fuckin’ book and walk away. Just, it’s over. ‘Great, I wrote that, fuck you.’ Just sayin [X]

    wtf is going on guyz ahah