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(1) Facebook na We Heart It.


    (1) Facebook na We Heart It.

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  3. let’s have a look at Johnny in 2006
    sometimes i watch pictures dated 2006 and just cry cause he is so beautiful and sweet here
    i mean, he always was and he is beautiful but in 2006 OH THAT FLUFFY HAIR THAT MOUSTACHE THAT SUPER-TAN BODY AWWWWWWWW

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    How did they (Disney) deal with your performance? 
    They were most definitely upset.
    But you must have been confident then that you were doing it right. 
    Oh I did. I mean, I didn’t do anything differently.

    Johnny Depp on how Captain Jack Sparrow almost never was. 

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    Johnny Depp at the opening of Planet Hollywood - 1993 [x]

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    30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 19 - Your Favorite Actor →

    Johnny Depp